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What is ELstat?

ELstat (Electronic Elevator Notification System) is a subscription service that notifies customers when elevators are In and Out of service at user specified Metrorail stations. Alerts can be sent to both email addresses and cell phones.


What is an alert?

An alert is a notification of the status of elevators. You may configure alerts to be sent only on specific days at set times (a "specific time" alert), or throughout a time span, as elevator statuses change (an "interval" alert).


How do I sign up for alerts?

1. From the main ELstat page, click Sign up for Alerts.
2. Specify at least one email address or phone number where you want your alerts to be sent. A code will be sent electronically to each delivery option.
3. Wait for a confirmation code to be delivered to at least one of your delivery options. This generally takes no more than a few minutes.
4. Once you receive your confirmation code(s), enter it in the specified area. Note that your confirmation code is case sensitive. If you provided multiple delivery options, you may proceed to creating an alert as soon as you have received at least one confirmation code; your other delivery options can be activated at a later time by returning to the confirmation screen and entering the code(s) you were sent.
5. Click Create Your First Alert to begin.


Why do I need to confirm my email address(es) or cell phone numbers?

Confirming these ensures that the specified email address or mobile device belongs to you, and you are aware that a subscription is being created.


Where will confirmation codes be sent?

Unique confirmation codes will be sent to each email address or cell phone number you entered during the signup process.


Can I use the same confirmation code to validate multiple email address(es) or cell phone numbers?

No, you will receive a unique confirmation code for each.


What if I accidentally enter the wrong email address or cell phone number?

If you enter an incorrect delivery option, you will not receive the confirmation code and therefore you will not be able to activate it and assign it to any alerts. In order to correct this, simply click the Cancel link beside the unactivated delivery option from the Manage Delivery Options page, and add the correct one.


How do I receive my password and how is it used?

After your delivery options have been confirmed, your password will be sent to all of your confirmed delivery options. You can use this password to access your account during subsequent visits. Once you have logged in, you can change the password.


How can I access and manage my account?

From the ELstat home page, click the Manage my Account link to log into the application. In order to log in, you will need to enter one of your confirmed delivery options and your password. Once the information has been entered, please click the "Log in" button to log into ELstat.


How can I change my password?

1. Log into ELstat.
2. From the Alert Summary page, click Change Password.
3. Enter your current password.
4. Enter and verify your new password.
5. Click Change Password.


What if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password you can reset it and a new password will be generated and sent to you. The steps are as follows:

1. From the ELstat log in page, click the I forgot my password link.
2. In the login box, enter any email address or a mobile device number you have previously confirmed in the system. A password reset token will be sent to this delivery option.
3. To complete the reset procedure, enter the same delivery option along with the the password token you received.
4. After clicking Reset Password, the system will send the new password to the specified delivery option.
5. You can then log in and change your password.


How can I unsubscribe?

Unsubscribing refers to deleting your entire account. You may also elect to selectively disable alerts instead of unsubscribing completly. The steps are as follows:

1. Log into ELstat.
2. Click the Unsubscribe link.
3. Type "confirm" in the text box and click "Delete My Account"


How can I add a delivery option?

1. Log into ELstat.
2. From the Alert Summary page, click "Manage Delivery Options".
3. Add an email address or phone number. If you add a phone number, don't forget to specify your mobile carrier as well.
4. Wait to receive the confirmation code. This should not take more than a few minutes.
5. Enter the confirmation code (note that the code is case sensitive) in the Manage Delivery Options page.
6. Click confirm email address or phone number.


How can I delete a delivery option?

1. Log into ELstat.
2. From the Alert Summary page, click Manage Delivery Options.
3. From the list of your active delivery options, click Delete to delete a particular delivery option.


Why can't I delete my delivery option?

There are two scenarios where a delivery option cannot be deleted.

1. If this is your only delivery option, you cannot delete it unless you first add at least one more.
2. If a delivery option is in use by an alert, and it is the sole delivery option assigned to the alert, you will not be able to delete it until you unassign it from the alert.


How many delivery options may I add per subscription?

You can have up to five delivery options for your subscription.


How many delivery options may I add per alert?

Up to five delivery options can be used in a single alert.


Why do I need to select the carrier type when adding a phone number as a delivery option?

In order to calculate the correct delivery address for a phone number, we need both your number and carrier. As an example, 2025550001 at Verizon will become


I never received the confirmation code, or I lost it. What should I do?

If you are signing up for a new account, click Resend Code from the confirm email address or phone number page.

If you are adding a delivery option while signed into your account:

1. Click Manage Delivery Options.
2. Under Validate Delivery Options, click Resend Code next to the listed delivery option which needs to be confirmed.


How many stations may I select per alert?

There is no limit to how many stations you can have for any given alert. However, it is highly recommended to select only one or two stations if this will be sent to a phone number.


What is the interactive map?

This is an alternate means of selecting your stations using a map view. Note that your browser must have the Microsoft Silverlight plugin installed in order for this feature to work. You may require administrative privileges to install Silverlight on a computer that is part of a business network. The Silverlight installation page is below:

In order to use the map to select stations, follow the steps below:

1. Click Add or edit an existing alert.
2. Under the Stations to Monitor drop-down, click the Select From Map link.
3. For each station you wish to monitor, click the dot next to the station you wish to monitor. Click it again to deselect the station.
4. Click the Save Selections button once you are finished. The map view will close automatically.


What is the difference between "specific time" and "interval" alerts?

Specific time alerts send notifications at a specific time, regardless of whether or not there are outages.

Interval alerts send notifications at the beginning of the time interval and each time there is a change in elevator status for your selected station(s). A good use of a specific time alert would be to set one up before you leave your home. Interval alerts are better suited for cases where your trips may not be as well-defined. Examples include an evening outing or weekend shopping trip.


What does an alert notification look like?

Here is a sample notification sent to an email address:

OUT Foggy Bottom-GWU – Elevator between platform and mezzanine.
OUT Gallery Place – Elevator to street level.
ALL elevators at Union Station are operational.

Here is a sample notification to a mobile phone:

OUT COLL Elevator between street and mezzanine on east side of station at Kiss & Ride
OUT MTVE Elevator between street and mezzanine


Do text message and email notifications have a different format?

Yes; this is due to the text message length limitation imposed by some mobile carriers. When sending notifications to a mobile device, ELstat sends out abbreviated versions of notifications if the delivery option is a mobile phone number.


Where can I find the full list of station name abbreviations?

You can view the full list from the link below:


How much will I be charged for text messages?

This varies based on your mobile carrier and phone plan. Please contact your mobile carrier for details.


Why did I never receive a notification for an elevator outage at a station I monitor?

There might be several possible reasons, including:

1. No alert matching the day/time/station exists in your account, or may be disabled.
2. Your email or phone number may not be assigned as a delivery option for that alert.
3. The notification may have been marked as spam by your service provider.
4. The elevator may not have been recorded as out of service by WMATA personnel.

If you believe you should have received a notification but did not, check your alert settings or contact WMATA's Customer Service at 202-637-1328 (weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM) if you need further assistance.


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